3-Dimensional Oral Appliance

3-Dimensional Oral Appliance

We understand that it can be difficult to get a clear understanding of The Moses® just by viewing a photo. In order to make our Oral Airway Dilator easier for you to understand, we have illustrated the distinct aspects of The Moses® by using a color-coded design.

(Please note: the illustration has been altered to indicate the three distinct parts and their attributes. The Moses® will be blue with a clear maxillary retainer.)

Color CodedColor-Coded Indicators

Separate flexible retainer helps prevent tooth movement and acts as an anchor for the entire maxillary arch.

Attached to the base and determines how far the mandible is protruded. The Moses® will be delivered to you pre-set according to your bite registration. The buccal mounted advancement screws allow for an open anterior space for the tongue. Ideal Design!

The base of the device is specifically designed. The acrylic guides and stimulates the tongue to a protrusive or anterior position.

The Moses® is the only appliance that incorporates all 3 attributes of a successful anti-snore appliance.

Mandibular Advancement

This popular feature is at the heart of the best appliances offered today. With The Moses®, it is not necessary to extend the mandible to a position that is uncomfortable and painful for the patient. The combination of Tongue Management and Mandibular Advancement means you can be conservative when advancing the mandible. The design promotes the activation of the involuntary subconscience reflexes using a clever but simple design in the mandibular lingual acrylic that advances the tongue. Now that the tongue is out of the airway, the mandible does not need to be protruded significantly. As a result, you will also reduce problems associated with TMD.

  1. Independent two part design
    • Allows freedom of movement
    • Posterior stops reduce bruxism
  2. Side mounted advancement elements
    • Allows for open anterior design
  3. No titration needed
  4. Adjustable

Tongue Management

Dr. Moses discovered that we can activate involuntary sub-conscience reflexes using a clever but simple design in the mandibular lingual acrylic. So, rather than pull the tongue out of the airway, he guides it out. It works!

Gone are uncomfortable pins, posts and gadgets that prevent the tongue from coming forward. There is nothing in the mouth that restricts the tongue from advancing forward. The Moses® increases tongue space and prevents collapse of tongue on the airway.

Of course the open anterior design is part of the solution. We must have a place for the tongue to go! Patients enjoy the comfort and results of the open anterior design of The Moses®.

Patient Compliance

The most important dimension of The Moses® is compliance. If the device works well and is comfortable, we know the patient will want to wear it every night. This is key to any treatment involving a removable appliance. As we know from the CPAP; if you don’t use it, it can’t help.

What makes The Moses® comfortable to wear? The patient can easily talk, drink, open wide and close their lips. They no longer have the discomfort of dry mouth in the mornings. Eliminated are the claustrophobic locked jaw and mouth breather designs of earlier MADs. After a short time, you forget it is in! Patients wear it because they feel better now that their symptoms are reduced or completely diminished.

The combination of the other two dimensions of The Moses® means the success doesn’t rely heavily on one attribute to stop symptoms. Since the tongue is already stimulated to a forward position, you don’t have to extend the mandibular far in order stop snoring or reduce the AHI. The mandibular position of The Moses® is comfortable for the patient.

Bottom line: It works and is very comfortable, therefore the patient wears it and gets help every night!