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"C'est comme un GPS pour trouver la morsure parfaite" - Dr. Moses

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Determine trial mandibular position

This is your professional determination of where the mandible should be for optimum airway stenting

Useful Tools & Protocols:  

  • Moses Bite Stix*

  • Moses Shims

  • Manual Muscle testing

  • Airway Metrics

  • George Gauge / ProGauge

Building a Moses Trial #2.jpg


Build a Moses Trial Device

  • Inject Bite registration material and hand craft a freehand Moses Alpha

  • Remove bite tool and create open anterior

  • Trim the overnight trial device

    • Should look like a Moses Alpha

Night owl.png


Measure the results of the Moses Trial Device

List of Measuring Devices:

  • NightOwl MiniHST*

  • SleepSat pulse oximeter

  • MediByte HST

  • Itamar Watchpat HST

  • Other recording devices

Moses Alpha w logo.png


Select the Moses Trial Device with the best result

  • Use as the bite to order a Moses Alpha*

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