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Moses Alpha

The Moses Alpha fixes the mandible in the treatment position

  • Any appliance that allows the mandible to move while wearing also allows the airway to change shape, often times this decreases the effectiveness.  


The Alpha Update allows the clinician to change the mandibular position in any direction

  • Appliances that allow mandibular changes in only one direction limit the treatment outcomes. ​  Sometimes advancing in one direction decreases the effectiveness. 

  • Click here for the Alpha Update protocol.  Requires new bite.  


Patient Compliance is high

  • The appliance is very small in the mouth.​

  • No metal parts, No allergies to worry about.

  • Can easily disengage to speak, eat or drink.  Not locked together.


It is one of the lowest cost, most durable appliances available. 

  • It is FDA cleared and eligible for E0486 insurance coverage​.

  • 100% PMMA polished to a smooth finish. 

  • No metal parts to gunk up and break.



Custom Update with new bite

Since we don't have any screws in the device, you are not limited to advancements along a single plane.  Change protrusion, vertical or any other dimension. 


Just submit a new bite and we'll build a new lower device.  Keep the original as a backup. 

The Alpha Update is an entire new lower element.  To order, the patient must first have received a full Moses Alpha.  Then you can order as many adjustments as your patient requires.  



Simplicity in form and function

To achieve 3D clinical control, we simply removed the hardware.  No metal = No allergies to worry about.  

Both the Alpha and the Update devices carry an amazingly low lab fee.  Clinicians can build 3 or more mandible positions for the cost of single appliance that only allows adjustment in one direction.  


Moses lower from rear.jpg

It's tiny, but mighty

With over 20 years of success, the Moses brand is loved by dentists and patients alike.  The appliance has only 2-3 mm of material on the lower and 1mm from the tray.   The open anterior allows for lip seal and promotes nasal breathing.  

The patient can easily open their mouth and can even drink or talk while wearing the device. 


Indications:  Moses Alpha is designed to treat adults over age 18 with sleep disordered breathing, from snoring to moderate OSA.  

FDA: Moses Alpha has been cleared to treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

Materials: The upper tray is made from 1mm thick Dentsply Essix C+ (polypropylene ethyl copolymer).    The lower is 100% dental acrylic (PMMA - Poly Methyl Methacrylate)  No  metal hardware.

Moses Appliances Rx 5.5x8.5_001.jpg


Ordering:  The Moses Alpha is a custom dental appliance built by our manufacturing partner.  Contact Modern Dental Laboratory for your starter kit to begin.  

Impressions and Bite: This is the key to a successful treatment.  You can submit either digital or analog.  The impressions are full arch.  Capturing the distal surface of the most posterior molar on the lower arch is important.  The bite defines where you want to place the mandible.   For Alpha cases, you may want to take several bites for alternative mandible positioning.  Upper arch impressions for the Moses Update is taken with the Essix tray in place. 

Delivery:  First insert the upper tray.  Then insert the lower device.  Have the patient bite down to engage the appliance.  It should "snap" together with slight force.   If needed you can adjust the lower with an acyrlic bur on a slow speed handpiece.   You can even add acrylic as needed. 

Update:  The Alpha is updated by making a new lower component, the Alpha Update.  Simply take an impression of the upper arch with retainer in place.  Record the new maxillo-mandibular relationship and send both to the lab. 


You are not limited by one dimensional adjustments. You are able to increase/decrease the vertical, protrusion or alter the lateral position too. No limits to your treatment.  Best of all, the patient keeps the original lower for back-up.  


Inserting:  Proper dental hygiene is important when using a sleep appliance. It is essential to brush, floss and rinse prior to inserting the appliance for the night.  Insert the upper tray, then insert the lower component.  Slide the jaw slightly forward and bite down.  It should "snap" together.  

Removing:  Disengage the upper from the lower by opening the jaw.  Remove the lower first, then the upper tray.  If it is difficult to get the back teeth to touch, chew a piece of sugarless gum until the back teeth touch again.  Should only take a few minutes. 


Cleaning: After removing, soak the appliance in a denture cleaner (follow package directions), rinse it, pat it dry, and store it away from children and animals. Animals love to chew dental appliances. We recommend Kleenite from Regent labs.   

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