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Indestructible Lower

This is the Original Moses with a ThermoPlastic lower


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It's all in the Bite

Dr. Moses designed this device to allow the clinician to maximize space for the tongue.  The recommended bite technique is to open the mouth as far as possible while still achieving comfortable lip seal.  


By using this technique, the horizontal protrusion is much less than normal, creating an effective and pleasant device.


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Designed for Bruxers

The Moses® Elite was introduced as an  alternative for bruxer patients.  The Visiclear base is  strong and flexible offering increased tongue space in a sleek design. The Moses® Elite also has the added benefit of in-office vertical adjustment.



Not Locked Together

The appliance only works if you wear it.  Therefore, comfort is particularly important.  

Th patient can talk or drink while wearing The Moses.  It's very easy to disengage and open your mouth.  Eliminating the negative "claustrophobic" reaction to some appliances.


Indications:  Moses Elite is designed to treat adults over age 18 with sleep disordered breathing, from snoring to moderate OSA.  

FDA: Moses Elite has been cleared to treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

Materials: The upper tray is made from 1mm thick Dentsply Essix C+ (polypropylene ethyl copolymer).    The lower is dental acrylic (PMMA - Poly Methyl Methacrylate) combined with an advanced thermoplastic called VisiClear.  



Ordering:  The Moses Elite is a custom dental appliance built by our manufacturing partner.  Contact Modern Dental Laboratory for your starter kit to begin.  

Impressions and Bite: This is the key to a successful treatment.  You can submit either digital or analog.  The impressions are full arch.  Capturing the distal surface of the most posterior molar on the lower arch is important.  The bite defines where you want to place the mandible.   

Delivery:  First insert the upper tray.  Then insert the lower device.  Have the patient bite down to engage the appliance.  It should "snap" together with slight force.   If needed you can adjust the lower with an acyrlic bur on a slow speed handpiece.   You can even add acrylic as needed. 

Adjustment:  The Moses® and the Moses® Elite appliances have an advancement screws on each side of the appliance for mandibular advancement. Each turn of these screws from bar to bar advances the mandible approximately 1/8 mm. Six millimeters of anterior movement is possible


Inserting:  Always brush teeth prior to using the appliance.  Place the upper tray in first, then insert the lower device.  Slide the jaw slightly forward and bite down.  It should "snap" together.  

Removing:  Disengage the upper from the lower by opening the jaw.  Remove the lower first, then the upper tray.  If it is difficult to get the back teeth to touch, chew a piece of sugarless gum until the back teeth touch again.  Should only take a few minutes. 


Cleaning: After removing, soak the appliance in a denture cleaner (follow package directions), rinse it, pat it dry, and store it away from children and animals. Animals love to chew dental appliances. We recommend Kleenite from Regent labs. 

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