Recommended Protocols

In the practice of Dental Sleep Medicine, the most critical component is the Bite Registration.  Determining the optimum position of the mandible is core to a successful treatment.  

The techniques described below are tried and true methods to get the best result with the Moses family of appliances.  Determining the proper vertical measurement with comfortable lip seal is the key.

Bite Stix in place.jpg

Validate before Treatment

Save 50%-75% of lab bill. 

The Moses Trial Protocol is a new, inexpensive way to scientifically validate optimal airway stenting with your treatment plan.  Allows the clinician to confidently use a low cost Moses Alpha.  

Pharyngometer testing 2.jpg

Pharyngometry before Treatment

Use acoustic reflection technology to determine the perfect bite before treatment

The cornerstone of many sleep dentistry practices. The Eccovision Acoustic Diagnostic Pharyngometer and Rhinometer provides valuable information about airway size and stability. It is a highly useful tool for determining the best bite registration for oral appliances for sleep apnea.  

Bite shims.JPG

Moses Bite Shim Protocol

For use with Adjustable Moses Appliances

Maximize space for the tongue and confirm lip seal with this super easy and inexpensive protocol.  Big improvement over simple "horizontal protrusion only" methods.