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Moses Express

Temporary Moses

Maximum vertical with the lips sealed and nothing to impede the tongue from protruding forward to open the airway. 

This classic design has stood the test of time.


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Loads of room for the tongue

Dr. Moses designed this device to allow the clinician to maximize space for the tongue. 

When wearing, your tongue naturally positions itself forward and up against the roof of the mouth.  This helps open the airway.  

Magic?  No, Moses


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Perfect Companion Product

Want to treat clear aligner patients for sleep disordered breathing?  

Moses Express is the answer.


You can refit the device for new trays as needed.  Many times you can use the same setting for several trays, before having to reheat.



Not Locked Together

The appliance only works if you wear it.  Therefore, comfort is particularly important.  


Th patient can talk or drink while wearing Moses Express.  It's very easy to disengage and open your mouth, eliminating the negative "claustrophobic" reaction to some appliances.


Indications:  Moses Express is designed to treat adults over age 18 with sleep disordered breathing, from snoring to moderate OSA.  

FDA: Moses Express has been cleared to treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea for 30 days.  If you add clear retaining trays to upper and lower arch, it is cleared for permanent use. 

Materials: Body of the Moses Express will be made of:

1.  Inner Channel:  Composite Thermal Elastometic (TPE) - Dioshy TPE GP-0210M;

FDA 177.1640
2.  Outer Material: Composite Thermal Elastometic (TPE) - Dioshy TPE-HP-990E-NC;


The upper tray is made from 1mm thick Dentsply Essix C+ (polypropylene ethyl copolymer).    


Ordering:  The Moses Express is a pre-fabricated dental appliance.  It can be purchased at the store on this site.  Moses Store  

Fitting: This is the summary.  For a more detailed instruction see the Directions for Fitting booklet or watch the video.

• Immerse appliance in water (180-185˚F) for 90 to 120 seconds
• Dunk in room temperature water for no more than 2 seconds
• Fit in patient’s mouth and allow to set for 60 seconds
• Run under cold tap water for 30 seconds for final setting  

Delivery:  Have the patient bite down to engage the appliance. 

Adjustment:  Titration
is achieved by reheating The Moses Express and reforming it in an
altered maxillo-mandibular relationship using a different anterior bite

Excellent Fitting Video

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Inserting:  Always brush teeth prior to using the appliance.  Place the upper tray in first, then insert the lower device.  Slide the jaw slightly forward and bite down.  It should "snap" together.  

Wearing: While wearing the device, you will notice good retention on the lower arch.  The upper arch will not let your jaw move horizontally, but will easily allow vertical opening.  

Removing:  Disengage the upper from the lower by opening the jaw.  Remove the lower first, then the upper tray.  If it is difficult to get the back teeth to touch, chew a piece of sugarless gum until the back teeth touch again.  Should only take a few minutes. 


Cleaning: After removing, soak the appliance in a denture cleaner (follow package directions), rinse it, pat it dry, and store it away from children and animals. Animals love to chew dental appliances. We recommend Kleenite from Regent labs. 

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