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Manual Muscle Testing: Channeling the Central Nervous System to Register Optimal Stance Position

Manual Muscle Testing
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The human oral airway is subjected to positive pressure on exhalation and

negative pressure on inhalation but is unsupported by bony or cartilaginous

structures. During sleep apnea this flexible soft tissue tube can get sucked

in and collapse during inspiration, possibly causing death, or if untreated

cause chronic damage to most organs. Well-designed, well-fitted oral

appliances are effective at stenting the oral airway open during sleep and

preventing complete collapse. Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) is a method of

channeling the central nervous system and guiding dental clinicians to

ascertain the structural alignment for maximal airway dilation. This article

relates the complex design requirements of oral sleep appliances, the

neurology and physiology on which MMT is based and the scientific basis for

an appropriate method of adjustment.

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