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Which Sleep Appliance to Choose: Where to position and how to adjust it makes a huge difference

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

An excellent oral sleep appliance fit inside the mouth between the dental arches can dilate and stent oral airway volume in the throat, an adjacent collapsible structure, whose patency is unsupported by hard tissue. Determining this spatial stance requires use of scientific measurement tools and an oral appliance capable of proper physiologic, anatomic, muscular and neurologic maintenance of this three dimensional position.

The best way to avoid costly and time consuming adjustments is to use a reliable and reproducible method to establish maximal oral airway dilation, use the oral appliance with the best design characteristics for oral airway stenting and rely on the same science to re-establish a better jaw position if normal biologic shifting necessitates an adjustment. Screws, tubes, straps and hinges are obsolete. Guessing is not a viable alternative to scientific protocol.

Which Sleep Appliance to Choose
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